I find these pages cringe worthy. Or at the very least just weird.  Just so we’re all clear – you know it’s me, talking about me in the 3rd person, right?  I can imagine my 9th grade teacher clicking her red pen into first gear, my psychiatrist would be finding an extra hour in her diary and my mum, well my mum would be the nodding dog here.  Bless.

 Would a limerick be helpful?  Truth be told, as a poet I make a fantastic photographer.  I can’t seem to get past the first obvious rhyming word for my name…

 “There once was a girl named Michelle, she had a peculiar smell…”

Not a strong selling point, but it will hopefully have you smiling? Alrighty - let’s just lean into this weirdness together:

Michelle (...who smells) has been a fabulous photographer for 12 or so years.  Actually, she has probably only been a fabulous photographer for 10 years.  The first few she was just really, really good and learning the ropes.

Her eye is well trained towards a beautiful aesthetic.  She can manipulate light and form to create a perfectly balanced frame.  She is passionate about food, and loves to fill your life with lush images that’ll make you hungry for more.  This skill is transferred to dreamy interior imagery that will make you sigh and enviable travel photography that will transport you.  Working closely with her clients, she will produce the desired outcome every time, mindful of the end goal, time pressure and project brief.

Michelle has been privileged to work alongside some of the stars in the industry, including Nestle, Maggi, Campbell’s Arnotts, Pacific Magazine, Barilla, Sandhurst, The Hydro Majestic, Escarpment Group, The Egg Corporation, Breville, Barker Brand and Horticulture Australia.

Her studio in Sydney offers a tranquil environment, filled with rich textures, beautiful light and endless creative opportunities.

Choosing a photographer can be difficult, so Michelle is a breath of fresh air in a demanding industry. She is very approachable and will help you nanna out all the details of your next project over a great cup of coffee.

While Michelle is a skilled photographer with a lot of creativity, she couldn’t face the idea of posing for a too cool for school self-portrait, so instead, please enjoy the happy snap her 10-year-old son took of her and her crazy dog, Gypsy (the apple doesn’t fall far, eh?  The son, not the dog).

So, what do you say? Should you give her a call? I would.


Food Photography 


+61 404045556